Zero VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans. 


It is important to note that Zero VOC paints are enviromentlally friendly and safe paints to use but are not the same as Natural Paints. Zero VOC paints are still made with Acrylics/Latex .

Natural Paint products are derived from minerals and eco-sustainable resources, not petroleum resources. Mineral paints are different than acrylic or latex paints because of their molecular structure, their resin type, and the other ingredients. Mineral-based paints have been around for centuries and are widely used in Europe and Asia. 


For Zero Voc products we have some affordable options available for interior painting. There are no Acrylic/Latex Zero VOC options available for Exterior Painting.

"We recently had the majority of our 3100 square foot house painted (interior). Steven's two man crew knocked it out in less than 4 days. They did the walls, and all doors and trim and did an excellent job. The price was extremely reasonable and the workmanship superb. There was a lot more prep work that they took on that wasn't part of the initial walk through, but they took it in stride and knocked it out.

We provided our own paint, and they worked with us to make sure that the paint we chose was a good match for the surfaces that were being painted over, and that saved us a lot of headache in the long run."


- Summer


ProMar 200 Zero VOC

  • Meets the most stringent environments. Complies with LEED, MPI, GREENGUARD, Environmental Institute (GEI) and other green guidelines and regulations.

  • Exceptional durability, and excellent coverage.

  • Anti-microbial agents inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface.



  • Harmony Paint's enhanced formula features Formaldehyde Reducing Technology to promote better indoor air quality. Harmony Paint also delivers great hide and a durable finish that withstand frequent washings. This zero VOC formula meets the most stringent VOC regulations and has achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification satisfying LEED(R) V4 criteria.

  • Harmony’s Odor and Formaldehyde Reducing Technology works best when more surface area is painted.

  • *This product contains agents which inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of this paint film.



  • Outstanding flow and leveling for a smooth, uniform finish.

  • Resists yellowing and has excellent stain blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish

  • Excellent color and gloss retention. 

  • Durable urethane hard finish. 

  • The absolute best paint for trim and doors.

  • Available in satin, semigloss and gloss.


Romobio Interior and Exterior Products 

RomaBio spent years collaborating with biologists and chemists to figure out how to use ancient paint technologies to adhere to modern surfaces with extreme durability and high-performance.

Advantages of using Natural Mineral Based Paint - Romobio Products



  • RomaBio Mineral Paints micro-crystalline structure allows air and moisture vapor to permeate through the surface into the substrate, providing a healthy exchange of air.

  • RomaBio Mineral Paints provide up to 95% permeability when applied to non-painted product surfaces.



  • Because of the micro-crystalline bond formed by RomaBio Mineral Paints, they create a more durable coating.

  • Durable coatings mean less frequent applications of paint, saving material and labor costs, as well as reducing carbon footprint.


Luminosity & Color

  • Because of dynamic color refraction due to the high mineral content, our color palates are more vibrant and beautiful providing more depth and light.

  • Using natural, earth oxide tints allows UV stability and provides decades of endurance without color loss unlike acrylic which can show significant fading over time.


Naturally Mold Resistance

  • Due to high mineral content and natural high alkalinity, RomaBio Mineral Paints are inherently resistant to mold and fungal growth.

  • Because of acrylic paints molecular structure and lower PH, they are more prone to grow mold.


Odorless & Toxin Free

  • RomaBio Mineral Paints do not contain solvents, are virtually odorless, and have no toxic emissions.

  • Acrylic paints can contain a combination of solvents, petrochemicals, phthalates, and biocides, and always a certain amount of VOC and TVOC.



  • RomaBio Mineral Paints are inherently non-combustible and have excellent resistance as well as reaction to fire.

  • Acrylic paints contain petrochemicals and acrylic, which are more likely to burn in a fire.



  • Potassium silicate is the primary binder in our mineral paints – a natural, raw material.

  • Acrylic paints are derived from a chemical process of petrol refinement to create a resin that when mixed with certain coalescing agents creates a paint product.


Learn more about our limewashing services here.


"I can’t say enough wonderful things about that1painter. Allan and his team of guys did a phenomenal job on my home, it looks gorgeous! They are kind, efficient, super clean and their work is very meticulous."


"I have had That 1 Painter paint the interior of two of my homes and his crews did a fantastic job both times. His price was always below the competition and his quality was first rate. That's a great combination."


"Amazing job! Steven and his crew are very profession and thorough. I highly recommend. They have done several jobs for us and each one has been immaculate!"



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