White is a difficult color to choose. Do you want a stark white or a warm white? Cream? Not too Yellow? 


Here are our suggestions and why.


Please keep in mind that the background white on a computer or device is backlit and is an unrealistic white. When making a decision it may be good to get some swatches or samples from Sherwin Williams. 



Often when trying to select a bright white people select “Extra White” or “High Reflective White” which are Sherwin Williams’s untinted base whites and their technically “brightest” whites. However, we often encourage our customers to select different whites. The reason being “Extra White” and “High Reflective White” tend to look a little blue in the sunlight. Many of our customers have taken our direction and selected our suggestions of “Pure White” and “Snowbound” 

Both of these still are very bright whites and customers have been extremely satisfied with them time and time again. 

SW 7005 Pure White

“Pure White” is made with the “Extra White” base with just a drop of black and gold. While the difference is barely noticeable while looking at swatches or a small sample. When painted over an entire surface the drop of black makes the white a tiny bit warmer which when catching natural light does not look as blue. Most people find that the “Pure White” actually looks whiter in natural light than the “Extra White”

SW 7004 Snowbound 


Snowbound is also a very bright white. Like the Pure White, it is made with the Extra White base and with slightly more colorant than the Pure White. Snowbound is a very bright white and looks like “snow” in most lighting. Our customers love it! Snowbound is the preferred white of the Minimalist collection and West Elm collection.


Gone are the days of the yellowish off whites. So we often get asked for some more modern off white options.

SW 7011 Natural Choice 


Natural Choice is a nice warm off white. Natural Choice is our most popular color with property managers and real estate agents looking for neutral off white.

SW 6168 Moderne White 


Moderne White is a pleasant off white with a bit more of a cool tone and a little bit of a gray tone. This white is very popular with interior decorators looking for a white to coordinate with Pure White.

SW 7042 Shoji White


Shoji white has been one our most popular whites for exteriors with our customers. It is an off white but still a fairly bright white in direct sunlight. It gives the home a fresh look without being blinding in the sunlight.


SW 7036 Accessible Beige 

Accessible Beige is unquestionably our most popular neutral tan/beige color with our customers. It's warm but also has a modern feel to it with a  soft gray undertone. Unlike a typical golden beige paint color.

SW 7037 Balanced Beige 


Similar to Accessible Beige but a shade darker Balanced Beige is a warm neutral color that has a subtle gray/taupe tone.

SW 7567 Natural Tan


Natural Tan is a great choice for selling. This color screams neutral, and allows the buyer to envision the home with a fresh perspective.


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